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(Center for Continuing Professional Education)

"International Academy of Business" - a non-governmental educational institution, formed in June 1995 in Moscow.

The founders are: The London International Business Academy (London, UK) and the "Management Company for Vocational Education" (Moscow, Russia).

The Academy has a license for educational activity number 029755 dated 25 October 2011.


To promote the development of civilized business in Russia and the development of organizational and managerial culture, using international standards and best practices of the leading business schools in their educational technologies.

To participate in the formation of a class of professional managers and specialists, focused on continuous improvement of their professional level.


The strategic (long-term)

Development Academy, a network of business schools (Training Center for Continuing Education), which provides training of a new type of managers and specialists, developing and implementing a variety of courses in the field of MBA education program, in order to adapt the students to the new economic and social conditions, as well as the management of the new professional activity, including taking into account international requirements and standards of management competence.

Tactical goals for the portfolio of services provided
Disseminate and develop a system of standards of competence management companies complying with international requirements, while maintaining the trust of supporters.

Develop key areas of competence adequate changes taking place in business and educational requirements Surrounded by the MBA education.

To expand the market of educational services in the regions through collaboration with the Center for Continuing Education, using the latest techniques and distance technologies.

Develop long-term cooperation with suppliers, customers and clients. Buy and secure reputation of reliable partner, as the center of additional education.

Develop new courses in the field of MBA education program for personnel training companies, taking into account their needs and expectations.

To provide our programs and mba education customers in a format convenient for them to consistency in training managers and executives allow them to learn throughout their careers, using their skills and experience in the immediate activity of the company.

Bring on the MINI-MBA program practicing faculty advisors with new approaches to learning, using technology consulting and professional advice, helping in the real business of our clients.

Prepare regional and corporate trainers on a newly created and produced by the MBA program of education offered by the Academy in the education market.

To participate in the events held in Moscow's top business schools, Center for Continuing Education of the Russian Federation and the companies related to the development of business education and small businesses.

Promote a positive image of educational system proposed by the Academy through the media, their supporters, students and others. Sources.

Provide persons trained, additional opportunities for professional communication with colleagues from the nearest professional or social environment, develop traditional ties with alumni.

Actively use the Academy's website for communication students and other interested persons by providing the necessary information to facilitate decision-making on training for potential customers and ensure network performance in self mode.

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